By: Kendra Kay Woods

Cluttered space
This past holiday weekend I used the extra time to do some deep house cleaning. There is something about cleaning that is very therapeutic and cleansing. As I was cleaning and looking at my progress I had a sense of pride and fulfillment. Outside of cleaning I had two areas in my home where I allowed paperwork to pile up and it was starting to bother me. Have you ever had that spot in your house or office where all of your mail goes, the kids crafts and papers from school, magazines that come in the mail? This is what I had going on and after a period of time it starts to wear on me mentally. I notice that when things get cluttered around me it affects my clarity of thinking, I feel stressed,anxious and unable to focus. Science has proven that having clutter in your home can lead to these types of feelings. Have you noticed feeling this way?  Did you know that clutter can cause stress and anxiety? Having clutter around creates negative energy in your space that pulls on you mentally and creates this anxious and stressed energy. 

From time to time it’s important to take inventory of the space that we occupy. It’s easy to allow things to collect because life gets busy with work, family and extracurricular activities. I want to share with you some practical activities that I put in place that allows me to keep my space as clutter free as possible. Create a space in your home where all of your mail goes. Get a box for mail to hang near your entryway so that you can place mail their for review. However, before placing mail in your box go ahead and pull out the junk mail and credit card offers that you don’t want to keep. This alone will drastically decrease the amount of mail that you have in your mail box to review each day. At the end of each week address the mail items that you need to take care of and get rid of it. If you don’t have a shredder invest in one so you can shred sensitive information. If you want a place to keep your children’s work papers then get a desktop inbox and place their paperwork their each day.  As with your mail you will review this a couple of times a week too and get rid of what you don’t want to keep. If you are like me, you want to keep some of your children’s papers so that you can have them when they are older and you can share with them what their work looked like when they were young. Once you have decided what you want to keep get an accordion file or box and label each folder inside with the grade your child is in and place your child’s work in there.

Use this same process with any items you have in the house that tend to pile up over time. This practice is so important for your mental performance, clarity and focus. I encourage you to also implement this practice at work because a cluttered work space is a cluttered mind which leads to lower productivity and focus. The main idea to remember is to have a place for everything and then be attentive to those spaces on a weekly basis so that you don’t experience the stress, anxiety, lack of focus and low productivity that results in having a cluttered space. 

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Keep rising

Keep pushing forward

Believe in yourself

With All My Love,

 Kendra Kay Woods   

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