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This past weekend  I attended the Black Women Millionaires Live Luxury Experience hosted by Dr. Venus Opal Reese. OMG!! This event was amazing, mind-blowing and mindset shifting. It was not only a business and networking event but also a soul healing event. As I sat in a room with other beautiful women on the same entrepreneurial  journey as myself I couldn’t help but feel the love and support. The atmosphere was magnetic and lives were changed and transformed during this sacred weekend of sisterhood

As I reflect back on my weekend I see that I had several mini-breakthroughs and one undeniably soul altering breakthrough that has broken a generational curse of bondage. This weekend changed the trajectory of the life path my daughter will follow along with her daughters and their daughters too.I realized over the weekend that:

  1. I have silenced my voice by playing small and not allowing my bigness to shine through.
  2. I learned that I need to see myself as an asset and not as a liability. I am not a problem and I am valuable beyond measure.
  3. My whole heart has been off-limits, even to those who are closest to me. In my survival I have only allowed people to get as close as I feel comfortable allowing. Including my husband!

These were some amazing breakthroughs for me that shifted my mindset to that of a woman who is valuable, loved, worthy and filled with pure joy. For the first time in my life I KNOW that I am worth something more than I could ever imagine in my mind. I know, like I know that my God created me as his masterpiece.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. ~Psalm 139:14 

The best part of my weekend was when  Dr. Venus poured her love into my heart and unveiled my eyes to see that as a little girl growing up I believed I was bad simply by some of the experiences that I had and for this reason I have spent my whole live working to make up for this by being as perfect as I could possibly be. I have always felt that I wasn’t enough and because of this I have always tried to prove my worth and value instead of knowing it within my heart. I was (until this past Sunday) the PERFECT PERFECTIONIST. The reality is none of us are perfect and striving for perfection is an illusion that we will never fully grasp.

So how did my soul altering breakthrough come about? It was during the Angel Walk where God filled my spirit and broke the chains of bondage around my heart. During this experience you close your eyes and as you walk down the line you have a sister (and the brothers who love us…inside saying) on each side of you literally holding you up and each one whispers a God inspired message into your ear. There had to have been at least 30 women who whispered their God inspired message just for me in my ear. It was during this healing Angel Walk that I was freed of the belief that I have carried with me my whole life; I was freed from believing that I wasn’t good enough. The spirit dropped me to my knees sobbing and surrendering to God while he literally poured his love into my soul. It was during this earth shattering moment that I came to know my worthiness and my voice erupted from within me shouting I AM FREE!! The chains around my heart are no longer there and I know, like I know that I am enough, I am more than enough!! I am your perfect perfectionist, not because I am perfect but because I am free.


My prayer is that every person that reads this will be free as well.

Keep rising

Keep pushing forward

Believe in yourself

With All My Love,


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