The #1 Reason Why You Are Not Reaching Your Goals

My alarm went off this morning at 3:15 am and it was a challenge getting out of the bed. I was having one of those moments where my feelings almost got the best of me.

For the past 30+ days I have been diligently practicing my morning ritual. I have started to see positive changes taking place in my life.  Changes such as better focus, discipline, joy, belief in myself and the best part a more intimate relationship with God.

There’s a part of me that is proud because I am following through and showing up for myself. It’s liberating and fulfilling knowing that I am doing something each day that makes a difference in how my day unfolds.

There was a time in my life where I would have made the choice to allow my feelings to rule my actions. On day 11 I would have heard my alarm go off and I would have went back to sleep. We have all had the feeling and heard the small voice in our mind say, “I don’t feel like it,” and each time we have allowed that voice to dictate our lives.

See when we set goals or aspirations for ourselves we get excited  about doing something new, envisioning the change that will take place and how accomplished we will feel when we achieve our goal. However just like with anything new the newness wears off and we get disinterested. Once this happens we begin to feel like maybe our goal isn’t the right path for us. It’s at this moment when we begin to hear that little voice say, “I don’t feel like it.” We then have a choice to make and more times than not we choose to following the voice and do nothing. The end result – our goals do not get met. We then start over again and repeat the same process. This is the fundamental definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So what’ the #1 reason why you are not reaching your goals? The reason is you don’t feel like doing the work consistently to see your goal come to fruition. Tell me if these excuses sound familiar:

I don’t feel like going to the gym….

I don’t feel like working on my business tonight…..

I don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal, I’m tired…..

I don’t feel like reading this book……

I don’t feel like going to that networking event….

I am confident you can relate to at least one of these phrases above. Here’s a news flash it’s completely NORMAL to feel like not doing something at some point in your life. The important thing to note is what you do next when this feeling or voice comes upon on.

As humans we are wired to take the path of least resistance, we like familiarity and knowing what to expect. When you are trying to accomplish goals and dreams for yourself it’s important to know that there will be days when you don’t feel like it and that’s okay. However once you have recognized this feeling it’s important for you not to entertain the thought or voice and to keep pushing forward.

It’s going to get a little uncomfortable but the comforting fact is that when you feel uncomfortable that is when you are growing. If you aren’t stepping outside of your comfort zone to explore new options then you will remain stagnant. What happens with anything that is stagnant? It starts to stink, so get moving and take action on your goals and dreams.

Now that you know and understand the #1 reason why most of us don’t reach our goals,  you can take precautions to ensure you fight past the temptation to not do anything.

Keep rising

Keep pushing forward

Believe in yourself


With All My Love,


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