I’m Kendra Woods

Human Design Alignment Coach

Helping female entrepreneurs become unstuck and unstoppable

Soulful Business Coaching

Become connected to the core of your purpose, shift your mindset, and set the foundation for the highest vision for your business. You’ll learn how to accept all parts of yourself, fully step into your confidence, and as result, grow and expand your business.

Guiding women entrepreneurs with an intuitive and soulful approach to business.

You deserve to experience your dreams and walk in your purpose. It’s time for you to learn how to get out of your own way and experience what it’s like for business and life to work for you.

⇒ Increase your soul confidence

⇒ Crystal clear business clarity

⇒ Upgrade your mindset

⇒ Make more money

⇒ Create soul business alignment

⇒ Attract your soulmate clients

Soulful Business Coaching

I believe business success starts with you being connected to the core of your purpose and what your business stands for and why.


What you believe as it pertains to your self-image, success and money determines your business growth. Together we shift your mindset so that it supports your highest vision.


Setting the foundation for you to be supported and guided in business by that which is greater than you.

Soulful Self-Love

Deeply embracing and accepting all parts of self in order to fully step into soul confidence and up level your worth.

About Me

My deepest desire is to guide soulful, purpose-driven women like you to launch, grow and expand your business in a way that aligns with your soul purpose.

I believe business success starts with you being connected to the core of your purpose. Here’s how I connected to mine.


Since I’ve been working with Kendra I feel more self – love, increased clarity and focus, more centered on my role in the journey of my success AND I got a SIX FIGURE job offer, multiple NEW prospects inquiring about my service AND they sought me out and best of all, I feel like myself again!

I got my first client while working with Kendra.I know that the work we were doing together directly contributed to this success.She taught me how to love myself more by accepting myself, validating myself and building my self confidence.

“I have clarification and the beginning of a business plan that I’m taking daily steps toward. It’s already happening. People are offering me support almost daily, and I’m incredibly grateful to Kendra for helping me to uncork whatever it was in me that was stopping this flow before.

Transformational Coaching Experiences

Deep Transformation

Are you ready for deep soul shifting and a complete business and life transformation? Do you desire the guidance and support to let go of all that is not serving you so you can grow your business joyfully?

Clarity Transformaton

Are you ready to gain clarity on what has been holding you back from reaching your full potential? Are you ready to be the woman you envision with support to help you step into the best version of yourself?


Are you new to business and want to find the internal barriers holding you back? Is this your first time working with a coach to create shifts in your life?

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